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ALP fails again

Having reached government as a small target the ALP does not have the courage to implement its own policies. Perhaps it’s time to display the ALP logo inverted in the sign of distress.

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Becoming allies?

For many Australians January is becoming a time for reflecting on what and when might be appropriate for national celebration. January 26 has become awkward and contentious as a focus for celebration but it does invite reflection about our history, much of it long hidden from many of us, and current circumstances.

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Yes, not No

I’ll be voting Yes but I wonder what the referendum debate might be telling us about Australia. That so many people seem to be believing misinformation being sown by the No campaign is worrying for our future.

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We don’t need those SSNs

The Toowoomba Chronicle this morning (20 May 2023) featured an 8-page liftout, Defending Australia, promoting those nuclear submarines (SSNs) that are central to the Morrison-Albanese AUKUS pact. Like previous rants in the Murdoch press it identified China as a growing threat demanding an urgent response. It included a piece from Defence Minister, Richard Marles, that referred to the regional military...

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Treaty with whom?

Once again the Greens are pursuing the ‘perfect’ to the potential detriment of the ‘good’. We should have had a treaty 200+ years ago but now we need a Voice with whom to negotiate.

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Scotty is cleaning house

There is a federal election in the near future so Scotty is preparing the ground. We’ve had premature announcements about dams that are still awaiting clearance from agencies he established and promises of development projects in South East Queensland. Now he’s attempting to clear away some other barnacles on his record. As The Monthly news noted today, it’s been Nine...

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