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Photographing birds

I was sure I had been photographing more birds lately. To confirm it I used the search function in MacOS Photos to look through my collected photos, almost 20000 of them, for ‘bird’. Search results in Photos can be interesting. It looks at titles and any keywords as well as attempting to recognise what might be in an image. It...

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Organise your photos

That must be mission impossible. If I waited to complete this task I would never be able to tick it off on my bucket list because so long as I continue to take photos more organising will be required, to say nothing of the backlog of older photos awaiting organising. In the interest of getting through my list I decided...

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Coding & photos – vacation rumination

Coding has become a hot topic in educational circles. In a previous post – The second coming of coding: Will it bring rapture or rejection? – I responded to some comments posted by Bron Stuckey and concluded that a key challenge would be the limited experience that most teachers, and students preparing to be teachers, have of coding in any form. In...

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