Research supervisions

 In my years at USQ I was privileged to supervise several research students and have continued working with some into early retirement.

Student Award Topic Role Commenced Completed
Bailey, Robyn MPhil Attitudes toward gifted girls’ abilities in the use of multimedia computer technology to learn science Associate 1994 1995
Roberts, Carolyn MPhil Changes in attitudes of students in an introductory statistics course Principal 1998 2001
Otto, Tom EdD Principals’ beliefs about teaching with information and communication technologies Principal 1997 2003
Salleh, Salimah PhD An examination of factors influencing Bruneian secondary teachers’ use of information and communication technology in teaching: A survey exploration Principal 2002 2005
Weaver, Cathy PhD What encourages student participation in online discussions? Principal 2002 2005
Fisher, Jenny EdD Teacher leadership and organisational change: A teacher leader’s experience in a P-12 school Associate 2003 2007
Wilson, Jay EdD An examination of the relationships of interaction, learner styles, and course content on student satisfaction and outcomes in online learning Principal 2003 2007
Mui Kim Teh PhD Schools and the law: Emerging legal issues internationally with implications for school leaders in Singapore Principal 2005 2008
Otto, Tom MPhil A professional development framework for technology integration Principal 2005 2008
Ho, Kitty PhD A study of Hong Kong home economics teachers’ adoption of information and communication technologies Principal 2005 2010
Oogarah-Pratap, Brinda EdD Developing and implementing asynchronous online discussions to facilitate deep learning among trainee teachers in a non-western and non-native English speaking setting Associate 2008 2011
Redmond, Petrea PhD Exploring teaching and cognitive presence in blended learning: promoting pre-service teachers’ critical thinking Principal 2005 2011
McKeown-Orwin, Lindy PhD Affordances of Virtual Worlds for Professional Development conducted using Action Learning Principal 2005 2012
Swann, Jennie PhD Dialogic inquiry: From theory to practice Principal 2007 2013
Jabar, Syaril PhD Assessing the Effectiveness of the Different Levels of Instructional Strategies (DLISt7) for Online Learning by Undergraduate Students from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia Principal 2009 2013
Levak, Natasha PhD Using second life and Skype for scaffolding the development of listening comprehension in second language learners Associate 2009 2013
Natchiar, Farah PhD Enhancing pre-service ESL teachers’ computer competency in an online learning environment: a web portfolio approach to learning and assessment in Malaysia Associate 2009 2014
Darmi, Ramiza PhD Integrating mobile phones in English language classroom to alleviate language anxiety and enhance oral interaction skills of Malaysian undergraduate learners: A mixed methods study Principal 2011 2014
Alshemmari, Joza PhD Information and communication technology acceptance model for empirically testing primary science teachers’ use of ICT in Kuwait Principal 2010 2015
Alkaabi, Sultan PhD Determinants that impact first year male students’ motivation to learn at UAE public colleges Principal 2013 2016
Trabinger, Kerry EdD Encouraging Learner Interaction, Engagement and Attention in the Virtual Classroom (An Investigation into the Phenomenon of Multitasking) Principal 2010 2016
Martin, David EdD The impact of problem-based learning on pre-service teachers’ development and application of their mathematics pedagogical content knowledge Associate 2010 2017
Wu, Ting PhD Using Remote Access Laboratories to Enhance Queensland Pre-service Primary Teachers’ Self-efficacy for Teaching Technologies Education Principal 2013 2016
Byrne, Shane EdD eLearning integrators’ narratives expressing professional identity and explaining patterns of practice with ICT Principal 2010 2017
Powell, Alwyn PhD Identifying tools, materials and adhesive methods used in the primary school and factors influencing the opportunities to use them Principal 2014 2019
Morton, Scott PhD Is change on the horizon for female high school students when it comes to ICT? Associate 2015 2020
Jeffs, David PhD Queensland regional, rural and remote senior secondary student perceptions of enablers and barriers to successfully completing online courses Principal 2015 2020
Sowter, Andrew EdD Measuring changes in student engagement when applying a Project Based Learning approach to study abroad preparation Principal 2015  
Crouch, Vanessa PhD Digital pedagogies: Developing teacher confidence and competence for improved student outcomes Associate 2018  
Cantle, Rob PhD Exploring pre-service teachers’ digital literacies and the role of teacher education programs in improving related self-efficacy Associate 2020