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Yes, not No

I’ll be voting Yes but I wonder what the referendum debate might be telling us about Australia. That so many people seem to be believing misinformation being sown by the No campaign is worrying for our future.

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When I last set up a blog on (for our 2012 trip to the USA and Canada – since moved to our own site) the process seemed simple enough. Once the blog was created I had no problems with posting daily updates. That may have been partly due to prior experience but the interface was simple and the classic...


Shamed into action?

I have a regular reminder to post here but I’ve been slack for the past few months despite having good intentions and occasional ideas. A week or so ago we went to Brisbane to catch up with Majella’s sisters there. Over coffee Angela quizzed me about a few things on her new Macbook Air, including how she might blog upcoming...

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Now we can clean house

We won’t be cleaning like Scotty for the upcoming election but for real with our late 2018 Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. It’s trigger switch has been dodgy for a while and on Monday it gave up completely when I was almost finished cleaning the car after our recent trip. Nobody in Toowoomba claimed to do service for Dyson cleaners. A...

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Moving host

Over the past several months, probably more than a year, I have had intermittent problems with my blogs becoming inaccessible. Mostly I’ve been aware of that because Jetpack has been monitoring and reporting. The outages have generally been brief, though some have lasted hours and even overnight in one case. Sometimes there was a message indicating that the database over...

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COVID-19 irony

The dreadful irony is that US funding intended to prepare science for a more rapid and effective response to a viral pandemic may have contributed to the emergence of a pandemic to which the US response has been notably ineffective.


Oops! That was awkward

That had me worried for a while. I thought for a moment I might have lost two complete blogs, this one and our travel blog, but luckily I was able to restore from backups and had an offline copy of the post that was recent enough not to have been backed up. It’s all back and working with some lessons...

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