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Contemplation and reality

iPhoto indigestion

One of my recent/current tasks involves our younger daughter’s disused iMac. It’s a 2011 model which she mostly abandoned using some years ago (ca 2018) because the 512 GB HDD was full to the point where the system was complaining. She subsequently (early 2019) borrowed my MacBook Pro and liked that enough that I let her keep it and moved...

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My bucket overflowed

I wrote recently about completing my bucket list generated by Majella last year. The final item had presented a challenge because it required getting at least one of my children to a movie with me. A plea for help had attracted responses from all three and resulted in a trip to see the most recent Jurassic World release with Jane,...

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Go to a live sporting event

This item from my bucket list has been waiting for a solution. Unlike some of the other items, sporting events do not feature frequently among our activities. Neither Majella nor I have much interest in sport. We don’t often participate in sports as players or spectators. Majella sometimes watches cricket or, less often, tennis on television but other sports broadcasts...

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Organise your photos

That must be mission impossible. If I waited to complete this task I would never be able to tick it off on my bucket list because so long as I continue to take photos more organising will be required, to say nothing of the backlog of older photos awaiting organising. In the interest of getting through my list I decided...

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Call of the Reed Warbler

To Australians who have lived more than a few decades and travelled even occasionally outside major cities it must be apparent that the countryside has degenerated. Most obvious to us is the reduction in even ponded water, let alone flow, in the Lockyer Creek which we cross at Helidon and near Gatton on our way East to Brisbane or the...

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Imputation discredit

It’s hardly surprising that, as we approach and enter retirement, we take a more active interest in retirement incomes and how they are generated. Interest rates are too low to preserve the value of savings against inflation let alone do that while generating an income stream that will support any reasonable lifestyle. Hence superannuation and other savings, or at least...

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