Cleared to fly

Friday of this week will mark 6 weeks since the surgery to remove my left kidney. That was the expected time for initial healing and today we were back to see the surgeon/urologist to check on my progress.

He had the results of the blood tests I had done last week. There were no issues there. My kidney function was marginally better than it had been on tests done before the operation. The difference may not be enough to mean that my kidney function had actually improved but more likely indicates that the kidney that was removed was contributing little.

Inspection confirmed that my wound is healing well. I’ve been on a 5 kg lift limit until the six week mark but that that limit is set to go. Perhaps Majella can pass the lawn mowing and some other tasks back to me.

We asked about travel since we are hoping to fly to Europe for a quick visit in June. He assured us that should not be a problem but advised wearing compression stockings and moving about during flights to reduce the, already low by then, risk of clotting.

No further treatments are indicated at this point but there will be some ongoing monitoring. I have a referral to a urologist in Toowoomba and requisitions for blood tests and scans to be done in 3 months before I visit him.

All up that’s about as good a result as we could have hoped for. Thanks to all for your care and prayers.