WordPress.com is aMAZing

When I last set up a blog on wordpress.com (for our 2012 trip to the USA and Canada – since moved to our own site) the process seemed simple enough. Once the blog was created I had no problems with posting daily updates. That may have been partly due to prior experience but the interface was simple and the classic editor offered just enough formatting to be useful.

A couple of days into the Pelly adventure it was clear that Angela was still having some problems with posting updates to the blog I had set up for them. A couple of telephone conversations suggested that she found navigating the site challenging. As I talked to her while we both looked at the site I began to appreciate how complicated it must look to someone unfamiliar with it. I was sometimes struggling to find what I needed.

In the end I spent a good part of Sunday working through the process of accessing the blog, creating and publishing posts as I built an illustrated ‘cheat sheet‘ for a novice user. In case it might be useful to anybody else I’ve attached it to this post.

Since then, Angela has printed the 3 page cheat sheet and eventually managed to publish a post with images unaided. Perhaps it helped.