Shamed into action?

I have a regular reminder to post here but I’ve been slack for the past few months despite having good intentions and occasional ideas.

A week or so ago we went to Brisbane to catch up with Majella’s sisters there. Over coffee Angela quizzed me about a few things on her new Macbook Air, including how she might blog upcoming travels she and Liam were planning. I recommended a free account on as a starting point.

A few days later they were on the road and Angela sent Majella a Pages document with Liam’s accounts of their first two days. She asked about adding images and formatting. I again suggested WordPress.

Today Angela called me after attempting to get set up in WordPress. I went for a look and found it was more complex than I recalled. Rather than try to guide Angela through the process I suggested I try and she sent me her login details.

My last experience with creating a blog on was in 2012 and the process has become more complex. I have some experience with wordpress and still had challenges navigating the process to get a blog up and going. I used the first travel theme that popped up and eventually managed to get a working site going and post the two entries Angela had sent to Majella.

With that much done, Angela was able to navigate her way to posting Liam’s account of their third day along with an image. The Trip 2022 is up and running though I may not have seen the end of my tech support efforts yet.