My bucket overflowed

I wrote recently about completing my bucket list generated by Majella last year. The final item had presented a challenge because it required getting at least one of my children to a movie with me. A plea for help had attracted responses from all three and resulted in a trip to see the most recent Jurassic World release with Jane, Hannah, and Callum.

Nick was not in town for that but had responded with a suggestion for a visit he planned in July. That happened last weekend when Nick, Lucas and Ben flew from Sydney to Wellcamp and spent the weekend with us.

We had a lot of fun while they were here, including time spent ice skating and in various parks around town. We also visited Cobb & Co Museum to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition and the regular attractions.

As Nick had suggested, we also went to see Ant-Man and the Wasp with Lucas, Ben, and Callum. Despite the implausibility of much of the storyline we enjoyed the action-packed movie.

I think I can declare myself an overachiever on my final bucket list item. The challenge was to go to a movie with one of my children. I eventually managed to go to the movies with all three of them, though on 2 different occasions. The real winner was probably Callum who was there for both and got to see two action movies that he might otherwise have had to wait to see on a smaller screen.