Ticked the bucket list off

This time last year Majella conspired to create my bucket list of 10 items. Dutiful husband that I am, I’ve been working through that list, ticking off items through the past year and had ticked off all but one.

That final remaining item was to ‘go to a movie with one of my children’. For various reasons it has turned out to be the toughest item to tick off though I have tried and even gone close at times.

In January I took Callum to see the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise. Going to a movie with one of my grandchildren came close to qualifying but a grandchild is not a child. I came close again recently when Jane stayed over with us and she, Majella and I chose to watch a movie we rented online instead of the royal wedding, but watching a movie at home with a child is not the same as going to a movie with the child.

Keen to tick off the last item on my list and with my birthday approaching, last week I emailed all three of my children to remind them that I had one item remaining on the list and that it needed the cooperation of at least one of them. I’m pleased to report that worked.

Nick’s response reminded me that he is planning to come for a short visit soon with two of his kids and that the new Ant-Man movie and Skyscraper would be released by then. I expect we will be able to fit one of those into their visit in July.

Jane responded to say that she and Hannah had been talking about a movie as my birthday treat to tick that box but needed to work it around our weekend trip to Texas with Majella’s Sing Australia group and Jane’s need to get back to Brisbane early Sunday evening. I checked the movie offerings for Sunday afternoon and noted that a couple of them might appeal to Callum. Hannah agreed that Callum and Matt might be takers for at least one and I suggested that Claire might stay with Majella. The details depended on finding a time that suited Jane.

As we headed home from Texas late this morning we had a message from Hannah to ask if we would be back in time for a movie at 2:00 pm and could Majella mind Claire. We were far enough along to be confident of being back so it was on.

I had expected that the Gutkes would drop Claire and take me but Jane called around 1:30 pm to ask if I could collect her from Sam and Bek’s place. I passed the Gutkes on the way out, got across town to collect Jane, and made it to the theatre where the Gutkes, minus Claire, were waiting for us.

After the movie with Jane, Hannah & Callum. Photo by Matt.

We saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It was a production based on a barely plausible premise but full of action and special effects. Once disbelief was suspended there were plenty of moments to boost adrenalin and times for a touch of humour.

As might be expected, the good guys survived, though it would be difficult to say they won. A lot of bad guys came to unfortunate ends at the claws of dinosaurs but enough bad guys and dinosaurs escaped to establish the basis for the next film in the series.

I’m pleased to have been able to tick off the final item on my bucket list by going to a movie with not one but two of my children with a grandchild and son-in-law as added bonuses. I’m sure that more than qualifies.