Build a sandcastle on the beach

We don’t often get to the beach. Toowoomba is a couple of hours drive from the nearest beaches and when we do go there it is mostly to visit family and friends rather than frolic on the beach. In any case, for some reason I’m not a great fan of sand in my bodily crevices or salt crust on my skin so I don’t rush to the beach even when we are in the vicinity.

Earlier this week we spent some time at the Gold Coast. That entailed a brief visit with Majella’s parents at South Tweed followed by lunch with our friend, Bev, her visitor from the USA and some other friends, followed by another of Laura’s walks at Coombabah and a night with Laura at Labrador before heading home via Brisbane.

Main BeachBev lives at Runaway Bay, just north of Southport on the Gold Coast but likes to take a short vacation in an apartment on the beachfront at Main Beach. The view from the 13th floor is impressive, even when the weather is less than perfect. We survived the gale that almost blew us out of the carpark and made it upstairs to enjoy the view with Bev and Kadi, her guest from the USA. They had met on a group tour of Ireland a couple of years ago and kept in touch. Some time after we arrived we were joined by two more friends of Bev.

Lunch was delicious. We started with cheese and crackers. That was followed by quiche and salad that was followed in turn by a fruit platter. It was all washed down with wine – sparkling, white or red as we preferred. By that time we were all feeling quite relaxed. Bev’s local friends departed and Kadi opted for a rest.

Sandcastle constructionSome time later Majella decided this might be an opportunity to tick off another of my ‘bucket list‘ items that required me to build a sandcastle on the beach. Given our infrequent visits to the beach I didn’t expect there would be many other opportunities to tick that off so I agreed it might be the right time. We gathered up our things and headed down to the beach. There was still a gale blowing and I had nothing but my bare hands for building but I dug in and managed to construct a sandcastle with a moat, four corner turrets, walls, and a central keep. Given my lack of practice, the absence of tools, and the limited time available it was a fair effort.

Sandcastle invadersAlas, it did not last long enough to be washed away by the surf. My companions delighted in stomping it into oblivion, dancing on the metaphorical grave of my dreams. Nevertheless I had done enough to tick off another item on my bucket list. That’s 6 accounted for and 4 to go.