23 Things?

A while back I was invited to participate in a USQ Library pilot of a 23 Things project. I was specifically invited to contribute to discussion around the use of sites like ResearchGate and Academia.edu for building academic profile but I was also encouraged to participate in the rest of the project. My specific part comes toward the end of the project.

It’s actually 23 Things – Lite because there are 10 things rather than 23. At one per week who has the endurance to slog it out for 23 weeks? The project has a blog at USQ 23 Things where contributions about each of the ‘things’ will be posted and discussion is possible.

Participants are encouraged to establish (if necessary), and use, their own blogs to reflect throughout the project. Not surprisingly then, the first thing is blogging. That kicked off last week with a blog post about blogging. Ever since I’ve been meaning to do some renovations here and post something other than automated links from Diigo. That week has passed; the next thing, Twitter, is up and running; and I’m still running behind on this one. I did contribute to the comments on the project blog and in the private Facebook group but I’m only now getting to write something here.

The project is evolving as it goes. Somewhat paradoxically, in the interests of making navigation to the posts about ‘things’ easier, the project blog initially began putting those posts into pages rather than posts so that there was no RSS feed for following them. Neither was there any other subscription mechanism. That has changed now so that the project blog is more bloglike – probably a good thing if the goals of the project include having participants learn how the ’things’ function in the real world.

At least the activity has prompted me to get back to writing something here and to tinker with the theme and generally renovate the site. Perhaps a few weeks of attention and being challenged by what other participants are doing will get me back to doing more than auto-posts of Diigo links.

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