Monthly Archive: June, 2014

Private and confidential things

Thing 4 among the 10 USQ 23 Things is Privacy and Confidentiality. When the post first went up yesterday it did not identify the author and I thought at the time that was carrying privacy and confidentiality to extremes. That omission has now been remedied and we know that it was posted by Tim McCallum. The postĀ also broke new ground...

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23 tweets?

USQ 23 Things is into its second week and the topic is Twitter. The post for this week provides a basic description of Twitter, suggests ways that it might be used for academic work, and explains how to get started. Our task is to join Twitter (done some years and 6000+ tweets ago), follow some new people from the 23...

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23 Things?

A while back I was invited to participate in a USQ Library pilot of a 23 Things project. I was specifically invited to contribute to discussion around the use of sites like ResearchGate and Academia.eduĀ for building academic profile but I was also encouraged to participate in the rest of the project. My specific part comes toward the end of the...

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