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  • Lisa Hervey recently uploaded a new video to YouTube (http://youtu.be/7z3aP_Chj6c) that explains how to play “The TPACK Game:” a game first developed in 2007 that helps teachers to explore the interrelationships among the different components of the TPACK construct in practical ways. There are multiple ways that teacher educators have developed to play this professional development game, so we thought it might be helpful to provide an overview here.
    Here is Matt Koehler’s description of the game:
    “In the TPACK Game, you consider how Technology (T), Pedagogy (P), and Content (C) work together by randomly choosing two of the three (C,P, and T), and thinking deeply to find the third that makes them all work together in a pedagogically sound way to teach the content.” (http://mkoehler.educ.msu.edu/tpack-101/the-tpack-game/) Matt is one of the co-creators of the game.
    Here’s a set of instructions for a different version of The TPACK Game:
    Here’s a group playing this version of the game:

    Here’s Mark Hofer, Teresa Foulger, and Sarah McPherson’s version of The TPACK Game, used in an ISTE 2012 conference workshop:
    Here’s Karen Richardson’s article about using The TPACK Game with different groups of teachers in different versions and ways:
    http://minerclass.wikispaces.com/file/view/TPACK+Game.pdf and
    A brief history of The TPACK Game is included in Punya Mishra’s blog here:
    And here are TPACK Game instructions in Dutch:

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  • #edu5601 via @jswann of possible interest to students working in higher education

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  • #edp4130 is cooperation different from collaboration in its effect on creativity?

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  • #edp4130 via @jackiegerstein thoughts toward pedagogies for technologies education

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  • #edp4130 via @AmyAntonio86 more ways to build a positive digital footprint to enhance your professional reputation

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  • #edp4130 more useful insights from Eye on Education – infographic presentation simplifies the ideas

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