links for 2011-09-08

  • Developing TPACK is a focus of the Teaching Teachers for the Future project. This recent paper provides some ideas about design of courses using a 'learning technology by design' approach to develop TPACK.
    Koehler, M. J., Mishra, P., Bouck, E. C., DeSchryver, M., Kereluik, K., Shin, T. S., et al. (2011). Deep-play: developing TPACK for 21st century teachers. International Journal of Learning Technology, 6(2), 146-163. The references to play and creativity link well with other material I've been reading recently about creativity and the education as preparation for living with surprises.
  • The 'flipped classroom' is being discussed in lots of places but this has a neat graphic that lays out some of the history and the results that are being achieved.
  • Gerry White at DERN has drawn attention to this paper proposing a Personal Learning Environment Framework.┬áThe description in the paper is from a technical, more than educational, perspective but provides a useful contrast to the LMS as the central feature of education systems.
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  • Free eBook (PDF) about techniques for claymation in the classroom is a useful resource.