links for 2011-04-08

  • This report from Project Tomorrow is based on data from US students and parents (almost 300 000 students and 40 000+ parents). Key trends appear to be mobile learning, online and blended learning, and e-textbooks. There are multiple reports downloadable from the site.
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  • MindShift may be a useful site to watch for ideas about how learning with ICT will develop.
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  • Tom Whitby offers an alternative to the 'wrap them in cotton wool' view of Internet safety in schools. The basis of his case is "Establishing a purposeful online identity of which one can be proud is an important skill to teach students. Equally important is conveying the idea that being safe and responsible online does not mean hiding your identity, but rather defining it and owning it."
    It's hard to argue with that. I've argued previously that the least responsible approach may be to fail to prepare kids to deal with the real world. If it is inevitable that they will encounter issues why not provide a safe and supportive environment for that to happen.
  • This report summarises some material from the Speak Up 2010 survey and refers to additional material about school policies on Internet access. It is a useful entry point to some thinking about these topics.