Els Quatre Gats

Majella came to Barcelona prepared with a recommendation from Des Coates for a restaurant, Els Quatre Gats, that had been frequented by various celebrities, including Picasso. I had searched for it using Google on our first night in town and found it on the map but Majella had missed it when she tried to get there on her first day out in Barcelona.

As we stepped out this evening I asked if she had somewhere in mind as she did last night. Remembering her displeasure with the ambience of her choice for last night, she said she had nothing in mind. A few metres further on she remembered Els Quatre Gats but did not know how to get there. I dashed back to the hotel to access their WiFi so that I could search and get directions on my iPhone. Google estimated a 9 minute walk. I caught up with Majella and Sam and we headed off.

We found the restaurant easily with the directions on my iPhone and decided to give it a go. The ambience was much more pleasant than Majella’s choice for the previous evening – no smokers and a piano player. I decided quickly on the “Conejo con almendras” because conejos was something I had not eaten before. Majella opted for “Suprema de salmon fresco a la plancha relleno de Jamon Iberico y salsa de queso azul”. Sam hesitated over the “Sopa de cebolla gratinada con huevo escalfado y queso de Parma” but decided to join me with the conejo. Majella and I shared a bottle of Portius Navarra rosado 2008 but Sam stuck with plain agua.

The meals were very good and Sam got up to his elbows in his dinner despite our guidance with dissection. When we finished, the waitress brought a dessert menu and recommended the “Piña Catalunya” for Sam and Majella to share. That was a half a fresh pineapple with the flesh cubed and served in a creamy custard in the shell topped with caramelised sugar. I had cafe solo – small but satisfyingly creamy.

It was a very enjoyable meal. We walked home a long way round, enjoying the cooler night air.

2 Responses

  1. You mean even the guru has computer problems?
    I thought it only me.
    Whatever, we were able to bring this site up, read your blog, then bring up the restaurant’s web site and read most of it with menus, photos, history, etc.
    We dug out our English-Spanish dictionary and know basically what you had to eat; sounds great.
    Please keep it coming; we can’t wait for your stories.
    Murray and Genny

  2. Even the guru has computer problems????
    And I thought it only me.
    Whatever, we were able to bring this up and enjoy it. We looked up the restaurant, Four Cats, read all their entries, looked at menus, photos, etc.
    Please keep it coming in whatever form.
    Murray and