That was a long break

I did intend to take a break over the Christmas – New Year period of 2005-2006 but I also intended resuming after a few weeks. Somehow life became busier and time evaporated for a few weeks. Then, having lost the habit, it became easier not to try to resume – especially as I had a spate of comment spam, couldn’t find time to update the copy of WordPress that I was using and was caught up in an intense period of work.

Recently I decided that, if I was ever to resume blogging, I should do it away from any campus server. Thus began a short period of experiments with Blogger, Edublogs, BigPond and other alternatives. Eventually I settled on registering a domain name and hosting that on a server that would give me the access I might need to do it the way I might want.

So here I am again, tapping away and wondering if I really do have anything worth saying that anybody else might care to hear. Time will tell.