Open University chooses Moodle!

In what appears to be a significant endorsement of Open Source systems in education and of Moodle in particular, the Open University has selected Moodle as the basis for its student online environment:

the programme manager of the OU’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), says, ‘We see the development of Moodle applications, along with involvement of the Moodle Open Source community giving our students a great advantage in e-learning. Plus, the innovations added by the OU will be available to the entire Moodle community. It’s a two-way creative street.’

Given the comparative size of the OU and USQ it seems that we needn’t be overly concerned about the scalability of Moodle for institutional use. This move also means that there is likely to be significant development of extensions to Moodle flowing back into the system.

(Via Moodle.)