The Auricle rough guide to e-learning benchmarking

Derek Morrison at Auricle has posted The really really rough guide to e-Learning benchmarking in Higher Education. It’s clearly a work in progress but there is a good deal there already and some useful pointers to other sites. As he notes towards the end of the document:

Because benchmarking can mean different things to different people, there will be different expectations of it. What’s important is that benchmarking doesn’t become ideologically driven, with advocates and acolytes of one model or another becoming entrenched in their belief that there is only one ‘true path’ to enlightenment, with the danger becoming that those who stray from it will be considered near heretics or, to put it with rather less hyperbole, as not undertaking ‘real’ benchmarking.

This will be worth watching for additional insights, especially if it is revised to a more finished form.