Drivers & challenges for innovation in online education

Derek Morrison at Auricle posted Innovations in the Reuse of Electronic Learning Materials – drivers and challenges, about a presentation he did in September. I’ve had it marked for reading since it first appeared but the sheer length deterred me while I had other things pressing to be done. I still haven’t done more than skim through it but needed to capture the link because there seems to be material that I may want to go back to later. Key ideas include:

My Challenges to the Comfort Zone series of slides considered the following:

  1. Technology can easily become an innovative way of not changing.
  2. Reusable learning materials do not by themselves make for deep learning.
  3. Technologies increasingly tend to determine practice not vice versa.
  4. Are we acknowledging the Reusability Paradox?
  5. Does the iPod Generation want a ‘filling station’ not a streaming source?
  6. The impact of domestic broadband and wireless on the office and lecture theatre?
  7. The uptake and impact of ‘grassroots standards’?
  8. Distributed, decentralized self-organizing systems versus the centralized mega repository?
  9. User expectations/rights versus the ‘lock in’ or ‘lock-out’ business model.
  10. The growing relevance/importance of user-generated content.
  11. Free services and tools with massive user uptake.

His first point nicely reinforces my earlier post about the questions being raised about content as the centre of online education. As he notes, this is about education/learning as a transfer of knowledge rather than making sense of experience.