Hacks to get bibliographic support in OpenOffice.org Writer

Peter Sefton writes about Hacks to get bibliographic support in OpenOffice.org Writer. He begins his comments with:

OpenOffice.org has some good points, and some bad points. Then there’s the bibliography database; which ranks as horrific rather than merely bad.

From there it seems to be down hill all the way.

Peter is working here at USQ and has been leading the ICE project which is seeking to develop a content development system that is better than GOOD but less capable. Yes that does make sense, I think, because by all accounts, GOOD, though capable, belies its name in regard to user friendliness.

I haven’t had the pleasure of working with GOOD or ICE, probably because I have access to software (Dreamweaver) and skills that allow me to create online course material without them. I use Endnote to manage my bibliographical material and, though it doesn’t do “cite while you write” with Dreamweaver, I can manage to get what I need from it. I’m not sure I would want or need the aggravation that Peter describes. For now I’ll keep clear and continue to do what I need manually.