Esquire wikis article on Wikipedia

CNET describes how Esquire wikis article on Wikipedia. The experiment began wit the posting of a rough draft to Wikipedia. After close to 400 edits in 48 hours the article was essentially the same length but more polished in content and presentation. The CNET piece comments:

Andy Baio, who wrote about the Esquire experiment on his blog, Links, suggested the project provides a particularly apt example of how Wikipedians handle articles.

‘I think it’s great,’ Baio said. ‘Look at the activity. Every factual error was corrected within minutes, and the focus moved on to refinement, clarification and making the article more readable.’

What would happen if we allowed students in a course to edit the course materials? Would they have the necessary motivation to refine the materials based on what they knew or could learn?

(Via Kairosnews.)