Online learning and Web 2.0

The EdTech Posse has posted a podcast of a session they had Talking with Stephen Downes about online learning and Web 2.0. Among the snippets reported in the post:

Web 2.0 explained by Stephen. Web 1 was(is) a medium that was consumed. Web 2.0 is a platform for developing applications. For instance, Gmail is a web site that behaves like an application that would reside on a desktop PC.

  • Web 1 supported interactivity, but Web 2 is inherently interactive
  • Web 1 had centralized portals. In Web 2, content is distributed all over the place.
  • Web 1 sites were highly independent of each other. Web 2 sites are expected to be interoperable with each other.

Despite the occasional technical problems, it’s an interesting conversation based on presentations that Stephen Downes has previously posted on his own site. Implications for various settings are teased out.

(Via OLDaily.)