Youth eLearning

EdNA’s The Communicator email newsletter reports on a review about eLearning for youth:

An extensive review of literature and information relating to the
application of e-learning for youth within the context of vocational
education and training (VET) has been released by the 2005 Australian
Flexible Learning Framework (2005 Framework). The environmental scan
research paper was undertaken, on behalf of the 2005 Framework’s
E-learning for Target Learner Groups – Youth Project, to guide a number
of innovative youth e-learning trials which are commencing this month.
Based upon a comprehensive scan of several hundred documents, the paper
draws upon 34 research reports, projects and reviews which contain
concepts and examples highly relevant to the application of e-learning
to youth. The paper is successful in its aim of providing a summary of
the key discussions on the features of young learners and their
relationship to technology and e-learning.

Australian Flexible Learning Framework News, 13 July 2005

The report, E-learning for Target Learner Groups – Youth, is available as PDF. It’s just 24 pages but appears to have some useful summaries of key material. I may write more when I’ve had time to read it.