Technologies of Cooperation

Harold Jarche points to a Harold Rheingold document about Technologies of Cooperation:

I’ve already referred this excellent document to two of my colleagues, so I guess that I’d better blog about it. Entitled Technologies of Cooperation, this paper from the Institute for the Future is available on Howard Reingold’s site as a PDF. A small or a large map is also available. The large map is great to read on your computer but a pain to print.

Technologies for Cooperation is a follow-up and a synthesis of a paper that I talked about last year, called Toward a New Literacy of Cooperation in Business. The recent document is worth a read for those immersed in Web 2.0 as well as anyone trying to get a handle on the two-way web and online communities.

I’ll need time to digest this but it looks to have material that may be useful for DocsCom and other similar projects.

(Via EduResources Weblog.)