Learning Development Cycle

George Siemens, see Connectivism, has posted a substantial piece about the Learning Development Cycle with the subtitle, Bridging Learning Design and Modern Knowledge Needs:


Instructional design (ID) serves only a small part of the entire learning experience. The pace of information development exceeds courses as the primary delivery mechanism of learning, challenging established ID. Alternatives to courses, like learning networks and ecologies, are developing as an informal learning approach. Designers and organizations receive substantial benefits to acknowledging informal learning, and initiating a focused design approach. Effective learning design must recognize different domains of learning. Learning Development Cycle attends to four broad learning domains: transmission, emergence, acquisition, and accretion. Designers focus on different objects during the design process, in order to meet the intended learning goals. Design objects include: instruction, fostering reflection and critical thinking, creating access to resources, and networks and ecologies.

This seems to tie in well with other recent discussion about Web 2.0, connectivism, mLearning, Gen Y and the like. This is something else I need to look at more closely and digest before I comment at more length.