ANTA New Practices in Flexible Learning 2005 Project

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EdNA’s The Communicator email newsletter reports on current projects from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework:

The newly developed pages give a summary of the key concepts and aims of the six projects along with information on who will benefit from the new practice and who is involved in its development. The pages also have a link which allows people to subscribe to the latest project news as it becomes available as well as allowing them to register their interest in attending the New Practices in Flexible Learning 2005 presentations which will be held in Melbourne on December 1. …

Australian Flexible Learning Framework, 13 July 2005

Six projects are listed and described:

  1. ARED: Applications for Rapid e-learning Development
  2. Beyond Text: using your voice online
  3. Connecting the Dots: breaking down the barriers to participation
  4. QTI m-Player: question and testing interoperability (QTI) player for mobile devices
  5. Social Interaction Packs: overcoming social barriers to online learning
  6. Embedding innovative practices within vocational education and training (VET)