The next LMS

It seems that USQ is not the only institution looking at what happens after the current LMS. At present we are using WebCT Vista 3 with something more than a year to run on the current contractual arrangements. There is currently a group looking at what is needed in an LMS and what alternative solutions might be available.

Scott Leslie at EdTechPost has written recently about two other institutions considering the future for their LMS – SUNY and University of Toronto. In the latter post he commented:

Expect more of these types of competitions to be happening in the next year as people are faced with license renewals and the need for large scale change management processes to facilitate product “upgrades.”

That pretty much describes where we are at present. It’s useful to know that others have done some of the hard work and are sharing their thinking. Scott has also written a somewhat longer post about Moodle and its readiness for use as “mission critical” enterprise system. Installations with 35 000 users should be more than enterprise enough for our needs if they offer the relevant affordances.