NESTA Futurelab – Research – Literature reviews

NESTA Futurelab – Research – Literature reviews presents 13 reviews relevant to ICT in learning. Topics include mobile technologies, science education, thinking skills and more. It’s worth a look and that’s before digging further into the site which appears to have even more useful material. Let the site blurb speak for itself:

These publications offer a route map through the vast body of research into education and technology – a field that continues to grow in importance. They give a clear vision of where gaps in our understanding lie, where our knowledge base is weakest and future directions we need to follow to make best use of technology for learning.

They have been commissioned from outstanding academic researchers who summarise the key research findings and highlight the most important questions that need to be addressed in learning with technologies. The reports provide jargon-free discussions of the key issues and are written for educators, policy makers and software designers with an interest in identifying the most effective role for ICT in learning.

(Via OLDaily.)