Moodle migration story

Derek Morrison at Auricle has posted about an interview about the migration to Moodle at Dublin City University:

Today I interviewed Dublin City University’s Morag Munro who gives an honest and very informative account of the motivations and processes involved in migrating from proprietary VLE systems to the open source Moodle system. The DCU interview also was our first use of a new and, IMHO, pretty efficient technique for recording Skype interviews and avoiding the dreaded echoes that can often plague those trying to record interactions using this otherwise impressive communication tool.

The post is short but the recorded interview is available in podcast format. It’s well worth listening to. DCU has had a full year of working with Moodle as the LMS for up to 13000 students. They moved to Moodle after running a pilot with WebCT at least in part to avoid the risk of vendor lock-in. Moodle has performed effectively and they were relatively easily able to develop methods for integrating Moodle with the necessary administrative systems. There may be good reasons not to select Moodle for a particular environment but they don’t appear to be lack of scalability or inability to integrate with other university systems.