Moodle and LAMS announce integration plan

Martin Dougiamas at Moodle writes about the integration plan for Moodle and LAMS:

I’ve been working together with LAMS Foundation on ways to integrate the Learning Activity Management System seamlessly within Moodle and together we’re pleased to announce that this integration is going ahead, to be completed in a couple of months.

The result will be a very interesting system combining the dynamic, and flexible XHTML-based approach of Moodle with a powerful and fun Flash based interface for designing sequences of learning activities.

For more information, see our press release and the integration site that LAMS are hosting!   Some discussion about it can be found on our General Developer Forum.

This surely has to be the big news of the moment in e-learning. Moodle and LAMS have emerged from opposite sides of Oz and now appear to be about to bring together an open source LMS and one of the few tools, also open source, to step beyond the content delivery paradigm for online learning.