Monoliths, APIs and Extensability

Scott Leslie at EdTechPost comments on the exchange between James Farmer and Michael Feldstein over WebCT and open source in the context of sharing a presentation he gave to a CMS task force at UBC.

The presentation is linked (as PPT) from his post and is worth a look. It covers the concept of enterprise systems & services, some history of the CMS and associated changes in the models of operation, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and frameworks, some alternative approaches, and finishes with some food for thought about issues including the levels at which standards should apply.

A subsequent post has links to two other presentations to the UBC task force. One describes some current developments at Purdue (of interest to me because I spent the 2001-2002 year there) and the other, from a Gartner consultant, considers some key issues with associated data and recommendations which include financial planning, attention to security, a watching brief on developments, especially open source, and using short term commitments to preserve flexibility.