E-Learning 2.0

Stephen Downes has given a series of presentations recently about what he is calling E-Learning 2.0. This post refers to the most recent:

The latest – and last, for the next six months or so – version of this presentation surveying what I have been recently calling e-learning 2.0, delivered at ADETA’s 2005 conference in Edmonton. Like my presentation a few days ago, i survey trends, explain what I mean by e-learning 2.0, and project into the future. Some new slides and resources are added. The MP3 audio is also available, which is worth more than the slides as the actual talk came out very differently.

I’d seen the slides from a previous (CIDER) version. This time I grabbed the MP3 as well to see what more I might glean from the audio. If you have the 40 minutes or so to listen to it then it’s well worth doing.

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