Athabasca University to adopt Moodle

Scott Leslie at EdTechPost reports: Athabasca University to adopt Moodle and references a Moodle discussion board in support:

Michael Penney, the Coordinator of the Courseware Development Center at California State University, Humboldt, sent me an email recently in response to my post on Moodle and ‘Enterprise Readiness.’ The note pointed me to this post on the Moodle discussion boards (again, just use the ‘Guest’ login if you don’t already have an account.) I wish I had an official announcement from Athabasca to point to, but this seems an authentic enough interaction to constitute more than heresay and rumour, and thus seemed worthy of a post. If this is in fact as stated, then it would certainly be a feather in the cap for Moodle – Athabasca has long been consdered a leader in distance education in Canada, if not worldwide, and one would hope that their adoption of Moodle both sends positive signals about its qualities and that additional innovations will result as well. – SWL

A quick visit to the Moodle discussion area revealed a string of posts including confirming comments from one of the key players at Athabasca.