mLearnopedia: Your Mobile Learning Resource was an interesting find given my suddenly increased interest in mLearning. The Introduction comments:

Handheld computers have several unique form factors that suggest further intriguing educational opportunities. Klopfer, Squire, Holland, and Jenkins (2002) describe five properties of handheld computers that produce unique educational affordances:

Portability – can take the computer to different sites and move around within a location
Social Interactivity – can exchange data and collaborate with other people face to face
Context Sensitivity – can gather data unique to the current location, environment, and time, including both real and simulated data
Connectivity – can connect handhelds to data collection devices, other handhelds, and to a common network that creates a true shared environment
Individuality – can provide unique scaffolding that is customized to the individual’s path of investigation. is an attempt to bring together the leading resources in the area of mobile learning so that we can better learn from one another.

So far I’ve done little more than bookmark the site. I’ll need to find some time to explore it in more depth soon.

(Via eLearnopedia.)