“m” (for mobile) has been appended to “learning” in various contexts over the past year or so. It has been a little “out there” but recently several factors have come together to attract my more active interest.

My son, Nick, has been working on a Java application that will run on a mobile phone. It seems there are a lot of those out there but since I don’t yet use a Java capable phone they have passed me by until now.

Last year I had a masters student who completed a project based on the use of PDAs to deliver professional development to medical practitioners. Another student I supervised in the EdD program wrote a paper about how secondary schools needed to consider the more widespread use of what he referred to as “mobile ICT”, meaning PDAs and mobile phones.

Just yesterday two colleagues asked if I might be interested in joining a research project to explore some applications of mLearning. I attended my first meeting with a group of 6 colleagues this morning. We had some interesting discussion of the possibilities and directions that we might take in research.

I expect to be reading and writing more on this area in the next while. It’s not completely disjoint from my interest in the changing nature of online learning environments.