Defining an E-Learning Strategy

Parkin’s Lot features an interesting piece about defining an e-learning strategy:

The major cause of fatalities among online learning operations, internal and commercial, is not technical failure or pedagogical failure, it is process failure flowing from a failure in vision. Short-sightedness, tunnel vision, and technology focus can leave you very exposed.

So how do you find your way through the techno-hype to make sound strategic e-learning decisions? The first step is to understand that your e-learning strategy is part your learning strategy, and is not something separate. Like the rest of your learning strategy, your e-learning strategy is designed to support the achievement of your business objectives. What makes it complicated is the fact that your e-learning activities may require quite different operational resources, business processes, and infrastructures than your classroom activities.

It’s pitched at commercial training organisations rather than educational institutions but the ideas are no less useful for that. There is a promise of guidelines for LMS selection in the future.

(Via elearnspace.)