A Capabilities Approach for the Next-Generation CMS

Van Wiegel in EDUCAUSE REVIEW | May/June 2005, Volume 40, Number 3 writes about From Course Management to Curricular Capabilities: A Capabilities Approach for the Next-Generation CMS:

The upside of the CMS is that popular e-learning platforms like WebCT and Blackboard have provided faculty with an array of user-friendly tools for the rapid publication of course content and management. This has increased our collective knowledge base about successful online practices and the readiness, or lack thereof, of specific student populations for this mode of educational delivery. However, the downside of the CMS is that it canalizes our collective creativity by forcing e-learning technologies into the familiar classroom categories of lectures, discussions, and exams (with an occasional opportunity to chat with the professor or other students “after class”). The overall effect of these developments is that many educators and administrators are locked into a “classroom on steroids” model of e-learning that is more preoccupied with the categories of accessibility and convenience than pedagogical effectiveness and skill development.

(Via EdTechPost.)