Monthly Archive: May, 2005

Google-matic Courseware

Scott Sorley speculates about the potential for what he dubs Google-matic Courseware – Real Time Content: I have been busy over the last week testing ideas by writing code not prose. The question here is what do you do if you have an entire library, academic journals, every webpage, every blog, all major news sources in a digital, up to...

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“m” (for mobile) has been appended to “learning” in various contexts over the past year or so. It has been a little “out there” but recently several factors have come together to attract my more active interest. My son, Nick, has been working on a Java application that will run on a mobile phone. It seems there are a lot...

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Chance encounters

One of the quirks of publishing course materials through the official channels of DeC (Distance and e-Learning Centre) at USQ has been that materials are revised each year and, whether the changes are major or minor, the publication date appears as the year in which the course is offered. In other words, it is not possible to know from the...

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