Ubiquitous computing and beyond – an emerging new common sense model

Chris Lott at Ruminate writes about a Singapore presentation by John Seely Brown:

Brown recalls key points about rapid change in computing, communication, storage and content; P2P and social software; and the interaction of economic, institutional and technological change. His common sense model has 5 components:

  1. Supply push is becoming demand pull. For education this implies a shift from building stocks of knowledge in schools to learning on demand.
  2. Open source movements are active in programming, knowledge creation and learning.
  3. Entertainment is changing from passive to active with massively multiplayer online role playing games with social life around the edge.
  4. Literacy is being extended into new multimedia forms.
  5. A creative class is rising through participation in niche communities of interest/practice.

Most of these ideas are not entirely new but seeing them together encourages thinking about what they may mean for education. The presentation file is available as PDF. It was there when I wrote the post and linked to it but it seems to have gone missing since.

(Via Stephen’s Web – OLDaily.)

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