Future of the VLE

From Scott Wilson’s Workblog:

I think the VLE of the future is going to be less like an information portal, and more like an aggregator. its going to be more like an editing and publishing tool and less like a browser. Its going to break out of the browser window and sit on the desktop. The VLE of the future will look less like a Content Management System or Intranet, and more like a cross between Shrook, SubEthaEdit,XJournal, iChat, iCal, and iTunes (well, on a Mac at least). It will be slick and minimal, and will actually be fun to use.

This should be a useful source in the current effort by a small team in the Faculty working to develop a concept paper about future development of online learning at USQ. It goes on to suggest many more sources that might be aggregated as an alternative to cramming learning experiences into a monolithic LMS.

(Via Stephen Downes OLDDaily.)