We don’t need those SSNs

The Toowoomba Chronicle this morning (20 May 2023) featured an 8-page liftout, Defending Australia, promoting those nuclear submarines (SSNs) that are central to the Morrison-Albanese AUKUS pact. Like previous rants in the Murdoch press it identified China as a growing threat demanding an urgent response. It included a piece from Defence Minister, Richard Marles, that referred to the regional military...

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Photographing birds

I was sure I had been photographing more birds lately. To confirm it I used the search function in MacOS Photos to look through my collected photos, almost 20000 of them, for ‘bird’. Search results in Photos can be interesting. It looks at titles and any keywords as well as attempting to recognise what might be in an image. It...

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No easy way?

My fixit skills did the trick this time but they were stretched. More consideration needs to be given to designing objects that can be easily repaired or recycled.

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Cleared to fly

My need for surgery earlier this year constrained our travel plans. Now that my first stage of healing is done and the surgeon has confirmed I am on track we can begin to do some serious planning.

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It’s going to take weeks and months to get back to ‘normal’ but I am making progress. I’m able to exercise and seem to be gaining energy and strength each day.

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Kidney cancer

Those interested in knowing more about my recent hospitalisation for kidney cancer might read this. Others might say TLDNR – too long, did not read. This post includes an image of my tumour that some might find confronting.

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Treaty with whom?

Once again the Greens are pursuing the ‘perfect’ to the potential detriment of the ‘good’. We should have had a treaty 200+ years ago but now we need a Voice with whom to negotiate.

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