Refreshing & rebooting this blog

This blog has long been in need of refreshing. The earliest posts date from 2004. For a while, especially around 2005, I was mostly posting comments about material I found on the web and occasional reports of conferences or comments on other happenings. More recently it has been mostly a series of auto-posted daily records of links bookmarked in Diigo with occasional other pieces of more substance. To make that work I had a ‘links’ category set up as the default so that the auto-posts from Diigo landed in a logical category.

Over the years I’ve experimented with various themes. for a good while I used Beautiful Sunrise and more recently (mid-2014) I moved to Dazzling but I was never really happy with the way it insisted on displaying just summaries and compacted the link posts into a blob of undifferentiated text. My problem was that most other themes that I looked at were too bland, too fussy, or spread things out too much and used overly large text. Any satisfactory solution was going to involve some work and time to do that along with (re)learning what I needed to know to make it work.

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